An Alpine holiday for the English:


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My partner and I are currently living in London, and had been contemplating a ski holiday for the past couple of years. As a complete novice, and having grown up in Australia, I had always been skeptical of the snow, and was quite content to stay away. But my partner was insistent, and I caved. As she grew up in France, I decided it was best for her to choose the destination. I only had two requests.

Number 1 – There’s got to be some other English speakers around.

Number 2 – There’s got to be a bit more than just pure skiing!

With this in mind my partner began her search (with some help from, and that is how I spent my winter at Val d’Isere!

A bit about Val d’Isere:

As a resort, Val d’Isere is one of the better known in France (according to my partner), and combined with the Tignes area offers over 300km worth of ski runs to the alpine adventurer. The ski resort itself lies at the peak of Le fornet, an incredible natural valley hidden deep within the Alps. As the British ski championships are held here annually, Val d’Isere also hosts a lot of English speaking alpine goers, which was music to my ears.

The skiing:

Whilst not the most avid skier myself, my partner tells me that the ski resort provides a lot of variety. There are plenty of simple slopes for beginners like me (which I stuck to like GLUE), as well as rolling miles of intermediate to expert runs. The best of the best take to the acres “off piste” for free riding adventures…maybe one day!

“There’s more to Val d’Isere than just skiing!”

That’s what my partner kept telling me before I arrived, and she was definitely right. Val d’Isere offered some exceptional experiences other than the ones experienced on skis. Here is a quick list of things that we absolutely adored whilst not skiing.

The food – Foodies can expect a treat should they make it to Val d’Isere. The fondue night that my partner and I experienced (a chef CAME to our house to prepare it for us) was to die for. As was the eating at some of the Alpine restaurants in the town – hearty French classics prepared to perfection by world-renowned chefs.

The nightlife – On top of the great food, Val d’Isere also offered a respectable night life. As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I was really keen on was being sure to meet some English speakers, as I didn’t want to feel alienated as I don’t speak French. Some of the bars were perfect for this – we met some fantastic groups of people from across the globe and had some excellent nights with them at various pubs and bars at the resort.

A quick word of warning from my partner. It can be really difficult to find some good deals on accommodation in the area, but luckily she stumbled across, which provided her with everything that we needed. Best of luck on your adventures!

How to Choose the Best Printing Services in Melbourne for Your Business


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When you are in the business of distributing branded marketing materials to your customers, you want to partner with a printing company that is going to be able to catch your vision for your marketing goals, and be able to turn your ideas and vision into a tangible piece. If you can dream it, if you can conceptualize it, they should be able to make it happen in the most literal sense.

Your brand, after all, is the foundation for your success; it represents the identity of your company. The printing services in Melbourne that you choose must understand how to design, implement, and grow your brand. Your printer should be able to provide a vast menu of printing options from brochures, to flyers, to posters, to business reply cards – whatever you need in order to best communicate your brand and products to your customers.

One of the first things you should look for when choosing printing services Melbourne is whether or not they are willing to meet with you and discuss what you’re trying to accomplish through your marketing objectives. There are plenty of printers who feel that they know best how to market your brand, and are not willing to listen to your suggestions and what direction you want to take the brand. Always seek out a printer that is willing to listen, willing to work with you, and willing to comply with YOUR standards – not their own.

Make sure the printer is equipped to generate products that comply with your established branding guidelines. If you have a certain font that you use for copy, or a particular color or colors, make sure the printer is supplied with the type of fonts and inks necessary to accomplish your brand on paper. Check their paper stock options. Find out about their range of weights in paper – the more variety, the better. Ask them about their finish options. Are they equipped to cover your marketing materials in a gloss coating? Or do they have the ability to apply an aqueous coating? Are they able to accomplish a matte finish? These are all details that must be considered when thinking about the potential finished product.

Explore work they’ve done in the past. A good printer should have a portfolio of work they’ve done for previous clients. Ask the printer for examples of work they’ve done, that demonstrates a successful marketing campaign. Request testimonials from other clients if possible; word of mouth can be a powerful thing. If the printer you choose produces a mile-long list of successful projects, they will likely be a good printer to entrust with your project.

Of course marketing campaigns are made up of more than flyers, brochures, and advertisements. They can also be made up of stickers and banners. When you’re choosing a printer to accomplish sticker printing Melbourne, the best printer to choose should be able to communicate your brand effectively in the limited space that a sticker provides. It is easy to communicate your marketing message when you have seemingly unlimited space to work with; but what about a stock with a very small printing area? It takes a great deal of skill to print a solid message – one that completely communicates the brand purpose – in such a small area. Finding a printer that offers sticker printing in Melbourne could be the game changer for you in your marketing campaign endeavors.

Social Change


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The Social Change Model is an approach to leadership development focused on the process of enacting social change from multiple perspectives. To learn more about the model, click here.

Through research, assessment, publications, and programs, the Social Change Model is a widely used and practiced leadership model. This Web site will help provide you with information and tools to better understand the Model.